I think they should either build the telescope somewhere else or find a way to have some of its operational funding diverted to the native Hawaiians. And if possible, have it be constructed solely by native Hawaiians to improve their quality of life, and after it’s built, have it run by native Hawaiians. Send those… » 5/01/15 1:49pm Friday 1:49pm

What if God punished Satan (assuming either exist, which they don't) by shattering him into countless pieces, and humanity is the result of those pieces? So when we think we hear Satan talking, it’s actually just our own dark nature? » 5/01/15 12:33pm Friday 12:33pm

Tomorrow will be a day long remembered for me. I’m taking my daughter to her first FCBD — there will be a coloring contest, which she loves, then I’m introducing her to the cinematic Avengers when we see AoU. I imagine she’ll love seeing Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Maria Hill kick butt :-) » 5/01/15 12:28pm Friday 12:28pm

I read somewhere that they did, they just weren’t as obvious as the Federation’s. Seriously, the way the Federation designs their ships is like a big billboard saying “hey! Fire here, here, and here to cripple or destroy our ships!” » 5/01/15 12:19pm Friday 12:19pm