Didn't the Boneless see the poster fall? Kinda would have been a giveaway to me. Not to mention their power was having no effect on the "door." You'd think they would have noticed that, too. And Missy "chose" Clara? Okie-dokie. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but whatever. I still give it two thumbs up...or I… » 10/18/14 7:14pm Saturday 7:14pm

The Cobalt Knight, Chapter Four - "Discovered"

Weeks passed as Will explored his strange, awesome ability. Even kindergarten didn't distract him. He spent the hours in Mrs. Kane's classroom itching to get back home and practice with his powers. He could twist, lift, sculpt, and manipulate metal into any shape he wanted. The largest object he had manipulated was a… » 10/18/14 8:49pm Saturday 8:49pm

No kidding. I don’t watch anything at the time it’s broadcast, because I don’t have cable. But I always catch SHIELD, The Flash, Arrow, and OUAT on Hulu the day after. The networks need to take this into account. » 10/18/14 3:49pm Saturday 3:49pm

I didn't start watching Doctor Who until after "The Name of the Doctor" already aired. But reading CJA's recaps on here for the previous couple of months made me curious, so I started with "Rose." Seemed as good a place as any. Been hooked ever since. » 10/17/14 4:28pm Friday 4:28pm