Horrors, Chapter Two- "The Charcoal Kid"

Ashara's skin flickered with orange light from the burning forest as she knelt down beside the glowing boy. She slowly reached out, but snapped her hand back as the boy suddenly let out a scream of pain. His skin, though smooth, was blackened and cracked; between the cracks reddish light leaked through. It was as… » 10/01/14 3:49pm Today 3:49pm

As many people may know, I'm working on the Seven; writing seven books at once, writing a chapter roughly every day and posting it to Observation Deck. My goal is to have the books each be 32 chapters, and have Phase 1 of the project be finished by May. Then I'll start the next seven books the following September… » 10/01/14 8:07am Today 8:07am